Which lives longer? A mayfly* or your press release?
They actually have the same lifespan of about One Day.

Cranberry fixes the Day 2 Problem, extending the useful life of your news.

Cranberry was born out of frustration. In 2011, PRWeb founder David McInnis began to see diminishing returns in press release visibility from Google, Yahoo & Bing. We needed a better way to acquire targeted traffic for our clients to recapture lost press release visibility. We know how important news is to your content marketing. Read our story.

* The mayfly has a lifespan of between 1-24 hours (wiki).

The "Day 2 Problem"

Your press release and news has a useful life of 1 day. Cranberry fixes this problem.

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Guaranteed Coverage

We have journalists standing by to cover your story with our news partner, Cranberry.

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